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Archive in Progress
White Columns is pleased to release its Archive In Progress, a digital resource reflecting the archival holdings of White Columns. In January 2009 White Columns celebrated the start its fortieth year of continuous operation with the exhibition: From The Archives: 40 Years / 40 Projects - an exhibition celebrating the forty year history of White Columns and 112 Greene Street / 112 Workshop inc.. The exhibition focused on one exhibition, event, or project that took place at the gallery for each of its forty years, represented by a combination of archival materials and original artwork. The resulting interest and critical support for this exhibition encouraged us to find a way to make the historical documents included in the exhibition (exhibition materials, reviews, out-of-print publications, and un-published images and other materials) available to both researchers and the broader public.
The initial contents of the Archive In Progress will continue to be augmented with current materials as well as further historical materials, in the hope that it will eventually be comprehensive in reflecting our actual physical archive. Please check back regularly for updates or simply browse. You can use the search box or browse feature to the left to navigate.