Meredith Monk
Radio Songs’

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As an innovator in music composition, choreography, theater, and filmmaking, Meredith Monk has an extensive oeuvre of interdisciplinary works from her start in the 1960s. After a trip through England and France in 1972, Meredith Monk began working on her WWII opera Quarry: an opera in 3 movements. An integral ‘character’ in the piece was a 1940s radio playing prerecorded compositions by Monk. Initially this included “Quarry Waltz” and “Quarry Radio”. “Gotham Lullaby” was later integrated into the opera. “Gotham Blues”, a piece written for Quarry but not used, was commissioned by director Ping Chong for his performance piece Fear and Loathing in Gotham.

Side A
1. “Quarry Radio”
2. “Gotham Blues”

Side B
1. “Quarry Waltz”
2. “Gotham Lullaby”

Double-sided, black vinyl 12” LP, edition of 500 copies in a letterpress sleeve and insert designed by Will Work for Good. Sleeve images by Johan Elbers (b/w) and Jerry Vessuso (color). Record includes 16-page booklet with text by Meredith Monk and images by Steve Clorfeine, Lauretta Harris, Philip Hipwell, Giuseppe Pino and Nathaniel Tileston.

Sold out.