White Room: Tamar Halpern

March 31–April 28, 2007

White Columns is pleased to present the first solo exhibition by the New York-based artist Tamar Halpern. The exhibition consists of a discrete group of recent photographic works. Utilizing both digital and traditional photographic processes, Halpern’s works simultaneously explore, amplify, and disrupt the legacies of modernist abstraction. Juxtaposing computer-generated and digitally-modified imagery Halpern initially creates digital prints based on these investigations. She subsequently re-photographs these prints, scans the resultant negatives, which in turn are finally printed as large-scale chromira prints. Through the accumulation of these layered – yet highly distinct – processes and procedures, Halpern’s works seem to elude, or negate, any easy aesthetic assimilation: the resultant ‘images’ seemingly suspended in a state of flux. Tamar Halpern lives and works in New York. She received an MFA from Columbia in 2005. Group shows include: “Two Friends and So On”, Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York (2006); Video Series 2005, Goliath Visual Space, Brooklyn (2005); and “Past Perfect”, Kantor Gallery, New York (2004).