Sunday/Tuesday Morning at Imitation Headquarters

Sunday, March 26, 1972 and Tuesday, March 28, 1972 at 11:00am 112 Greene Street/Workshop

Participating Artists

Carmen Beuchat
Trisha Brown
Lutze Froese
Caroline Goodden
Cunthia Hedstrom
Rachel Lew
Hisachika Takahashi
Sylvia Whitman

Exhibition Description

Curtains divided the space, separating two groups of performers. Those in one group attempted to imitate the movements of the performers in the other group, although they could not see each others’ activities. [Excerpted from Brentano, R., & Savitt, M. (1981). 112 Workshop, 112 Greene Street: History, artists & artworks. New York: New York University Press.]

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