Richard E. Peck, Jr. & Roux concerts

October 29–30, 1977 112 Greene Street/Workshop

Participating Artists

Richard E. Peck Jr.
Roux: Bobby Blain, Doane Perry, Dave Saltman

Exhibition Description

In an article, Maximum Minimal Rock, Stephen Israel characterized the performances as “straight ahead, electric rock and roll. peck’s approach to the saxophone is refreshingly unique and places him at a safe distance from the mainstream of modern or contemporary jazz, His style is original, aggressive, and energized. His sound is loud, powerful, and not subtle. Although traces of jazz influences and bits of the repetitive minimal structures of [Philip] Glass appear in his original music, his compositions are predominantly unpretentious, exuberant rock. Roux is really a powerhouse rhythm section, consisting of drums, electric bass, and electric piano, and they are sensitive to ever nuance of Peck’s aggressive leadership as they effortlessly follow his soaring improvisations.”

Excerpted from Brentano, R., & Savitt, M. (1981). 112 Workshop, 112 Greene Street: History, artists & artworks. New York: New York University Press.


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