Mel Bochner
10 Aspects of the Theory of Measurement

March 13–27, 1971 112 Greene Street/Workshop

Exhibition Description

For his exhibition, Mel Bochner used the distance between the centers of two of the columns, 11’10”, as a mocule for demonstrating the 112 Greene Street space. Taking this theoretical decision as a given, the artist marked the unit length on the floor with white tape. He then presented the permuted form possible to his theory: “derived, compared, reversed, extended, halved, dispersed, partitioned, bent, deflected, non-referred.” This the tape (module) was seen, for example, to shift direction across the wall upon which the module had been broken into successive individuated lengths. This was Bochner’s first New York show.

Excerpted from Brentano, R., & Savitt, M. (1981). 112 Workshop, 112 Greene Street: History, artists & artworks. New York: New York University Press.

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Exhibition poster for Mel Bochner, 10 Aspects of the Theory of Measurement, 1971