Carmen Beuchat and Juan Downey
Energy Fields

February 21, 1972 112 Greene Street/Workshop

Participating Artist

Carmen Beuchat, Juan Downey, Trisha Brown, Caroline Goodden, Suzanne Harris, Rachel Lew, Barbara Baracks, Judith Padow, Gerald Schieber, Penelope 

Exhibition Description

“This one-night event was in three parts. In the first, a black vinyl curtain was cut into strips which were tied into knots and set on fire. Burning drops from the curtain fell into a long rectangular trough of water. The second part utilized three-dimensional laser graphic patterns and electronically generated sounds, both controlled by the level of radioactivity present in 112 that evening. The third and main section involved a number of performers interacting with an invisible field of ultrasonic waves. This imperceptible and inaudible field was shaped like a pear and about 18′ in length and 15′ in diameter. The motion of the dancers through the field generated a pure electronic tone so as to make the invisible pear shape perceptible to the audience.” [From a conversation with Juan Downey, 112 Workshop/112 Green Street edited by R. Brentano w/Mark Savitt, NYU Press.]

Exhibition Invitation

Poster for "Carmen Beuchat and Juan Downey: Energy Fields," 1972
Poster for "Carmen Beuchat and Juan Downey: Energy Fields," 1972