White Columns Online - curated by Daisy Sanchez
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‘The Void’ curated by Daisy Sanchez

A cartoonish oxidized copper sculpture of a girl with a large head and realistic brown plastic eyes laying on her stomach with her feet up and her head propped on her hands.
Abby Lloyd, Untitled, 2019 Courtesy of the artist. 

Participating Artists Include:

Eli Bornowsky
Judith Dean
Nathaniel Donnett
Jenny Gagalka
Gabrielle L’Hirondelle Hill
Laura Hunt
Sebastian Jefford
Coco Klockner
Abby Lloyd
Alex Lukas
Ben Seeley
Daisy May Sheff
Sophie Stone
Santiago Taccetti
Lumin Wakoa
Simon Zoric

The fifteenth in an ongoing series of online exhibitions.

‘The Void’ was curated exclusively from White Columns’ Curated Artist Registry.

Only viewable online: whitecolumns.org

For more information about White Columns’ Artists Registry: registry.whitecolumns.org

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