Exhibitions close December 12th
White Columns


Our current exhibitions will close tomorrow on December 12.

As reviewed in: Frieze!

West Gallery

Diane Kotila

Installation view: Diane Kotila (Five paintings and two sculptural objects are installed in a room with grey painted walls. Two paintings are installed on the back wall and three paintings on the wall to the right. Two sculptural found objects rest on a rectangular pedestal in the center of the room.)

East Gallery

Maya Stovall, LUX

Installation view: Maya Stovall LUX (A large wall divided by an archway in the middle. Several illuminated neon signs with four numbers each are installed in rows along the walls: one on the wall to the left archway, three on the wall to the right of the archway, and one on a far visible through archway. All electrical wires are visible and there is a large electrical transformer resting on the floor in the middle of the wall to the right of archway.)

White Columns Online

El que busca, encuentra…y sigue encontrando
curated by Danny Baez

Mario Moore, A Student's Dream, 2017. Oil on canvas, 80 x 68 in. Courtesy of the artist and Private Collection. (Painting of a Black man looking at the viewer covered by a white cloth from the chest down, lying on a wooden table surrounded by three men. There is a big round spotlight on a tripod in the right corner of the painting, a white, curled up, sleeping dog under the table, and a skull on a stool in the foreground of the painting.)

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