White Columns

“White Columns, the nonprofit, became not only New York City’s longest running alternative art space, but one of its most enduringly vital.”

– Brett Sokol, The New York Times, 2021




White Columns is New York’s oldest independent, not-for-profit, alternative art space, founded by a community of artists in an atmosphere of self-determination and artistic freedom. For over five decades we have provided crucial early support to and created transformative opportunities for emerging and underrecognized artists. Equally, we continue to provide free idiosyncratic programming to our audiences connecting them to artists and their compelling art and ideas outside of the mainstream. Through our artist-run and community-minded ethos we have continually expanded the boundaries of the art world at large.

By the end of this year, White Columns will have presented ten solo exhibitions, which were for many artists their first solo shows in NYC or anywhere in the world. We also organized three online group shows that were guest-curated from our online artist registry. We offered fifteen events featuring a total of thirty-eight artists, writers, curators and art historians, as well as one major archive-focused exhibition in celebration of our 50th anniversary. During our open call of our Curated Artist Registry, we have reviewed 700+ registry applications and added 180 artists to join our inspiring and extensive online registry.As we move forward into an uncertain future – both financially and culturally – we believe that truly independent platforms such as White Columns are of increasing importance for artists and audiences alike.

White Columns continues to exist only through the generosity of all the artists we work with and our audience and supporters. We hope that you will consider making a contribution to White Columns and ensure artists and the public an alternative space operating free from commercial pressures in New York City.


Make a donation today:

By check: Make your check payable to ‘White Columns’ – Send to: White Columns, 91 Horatio Street, New York, NY 10014, USA.

By phone: Call the gallery on (212) 924-4212 to make a payment via credit card

Or make your donation online: whitecolumns.org/donate




Installation view, Jeffrey Meris, 2021
Installation view, Jeffrey Meris, 2021
Installation view, S*an D. Henry-Smith, 2021
Installation view, S*an D. Henry-Smith, 2021
Julius Caesar Bustamante, Untitled, n.d.
Installation view, Julius Caesar Bustamante, 2021
Sebastian Jefford, Another Green World, 2019 from White Columns Online: The Void, 2021
Abby Lloyd, Penny, 2018 from White Columns Online: The Void, 2021