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Lolly Batty, Camille Holvoet and
Philip Van Aver: Paintings, Drawings and Miniatures, 1978 – 2021
will close on April 29, 2023

Philip Van Aver, installation view, 2023

White Columns is pleased to present Paintings, Drawings and Miniatures, 1978 – 2021, a survey of works by the New York-based artist Philip Van Aver (b. 1939.) The exhibition has been organized by the artist Jack Pierson, a long-time supporter of Van Aver’s work, in collaboration with White Columns, and includes more than forty individual works and a vitrine featuring printed ephemera, documentation of earlier works, and research materials drawn from the artist’s extensive archives. The exhibition is the most comprehensive presentation of Van Aver’s work since his 2009 exhibition at D’Amelio Terras, New York. Read the press release here.

Gallery view at an angle. 18 envelopes are laid out in a vitrine, covered in colorful arrangements of stamps. On the wall behind, 17 photocopies of drawings are pinned to a wood baton. The drawings are sketches for the stamp arrangements realized in the works in the vitrine. On the left wall hang 5 more of these drawings, also pinned to wood.
Lolly Batty, installation view, 2023

White Columns is pleased to present Philatelic Items, a solo exhibition of recent works by the London-based artist Lolly Batty. This is Batty’s first exhibition in the United States. The exhibition comprises a group of eighteen of Batty’s “postal” works presented in a vitrine, alongside an extensive selection of facsimiles of the artist’s notes and preparatory drawings. The exhibition has been organized in collaboration with the artist Ian Whittlesea and The Everyday Press – who published Batty’s artist’s book Philatelic Items in 2022, copies of which can be purchased at White Columns. Read the press release here.

View of three gallery walls. On the far wall, straight ahead, are three pastel drawings of the same size. On the left wall are nine more pastel drawings, all the same size and hung in two rows. On the right wall are four more pastel drawings hung in two rows. The works are all figurative, mostly showing scenes from the artist’s daily life.
Camille Holvoet, installation view, 2023

White Columns is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Camille Holvoet (b. 1952, San Francisco, CA) an artist who, since 2001, has been affiliated with Creativity Explored, a studio-based program in San Francisco that supports a community of artists with disabilities. Holvoet grew up in San Francisco and, due to behavioral issues, was separated from her family at a young age. Institutionalized as a child, she eventually lost contact with her parents and siblings, but not before her older sisters taught her how to draw. Holvoet spent the rest of her adolescence and early adulthood living in group homes. Holvoet’s exhibition at White Columns focuses on a series of visceral, large-format pastel drawings that she produced between 1988 and 2001, when she was affiliated with Oakland’s Creative Growth Art Center. (White Columns director Matthew Higgs came across them in Creative Growth’s archives in 2022 whilst researching for another exhibition.) In these important earlier works Holvoet documents the often complex realities of her daily life: including portraits of friends, memories of her home life, her ongoing experiences with medication and medical procedures, depictions of funerals, and – crucially – her self-determined identity as an artist. At once diaristic and direct, Holvoet’s work from this era provides us with an unflinching yet poignant account of life’s myriad pleasures and contradictions. Read the rest of the press release here.

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