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WHITE COLUMNS / 1970 – 2017 /

“It’s hard to imagine the last almost-half-century without White Columns. Scary might be a better word, or depressing. White Columns has changed my life a half-dozen times at the very least, and kept me on my toes for decades.” - Jerry Saltz, New York Magazine


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“Thanks for your continued interest in and support of White Columns. I am writing to ask that you consider making a contribution to White Columns’ Annual Fund at a crucial point in the organization’s forty-seven year history. As support from city, state and government agencies continues to decline, your support is needed more than ever. Your contribution will enable White Columns to maintain its independence and to help us relocate the organization in early 2018 when our lease expires in our current Meatpacking District location.

In 2020, White Columns will celebrate its 50th anniversary. We are New York’s oldest alternative art space. For nearly half a century, we have provided an independent platform for artists who have yet to benefit from wider commercial, curatorial, or critical support; in turn creating a vital resource for both artists and audiences alike. Our mission – to offer critical support to both emerging and under-recognized artists – remains intact.

In an increasingly polarized economic landscape, and operating in a complex real estate market, the significance of White Columns’ mission and purpose comes into even greater focus. Without organizations like White Columns, the viability of pioneering, accessible, and independent culture in New York is threatened. Over the past forty-seven years, literally thousands of artists have benefited from the support of White Columns – which often proved to be a defining moment in relation to their subsequent careers.

Over the past decade - since my arrival as Director - in addition to the 350-plus exhibitions and projects we have organized, White Columns has also managed to generate more than $2,500,000 of direct income for individual artists and for not-for-profit organizations that support artists living and working with disabilities. Many of the artists whose work we have supported have already gone on to both national and international acclaim.

Through further investment in our programs, the critical reception to our exhibitions continues to grow, as do the subsequent opportunities for the artists whose work we have supported. Your generous contribution to our Annual Fund will go directly to further extending these initiatives at White Columns, allowing the organization to be even more ambitious and optimistic as we relocate to a new home and move towards our 50th anniversary in 2020.

Many thanks in advance for your consideration of this request. Your support of White Columns is greatly appreciated.”

– Matthew Higgs. Director, White Columns

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By check: Make your check payable to 'White Columns', and send to: White Columns, 320 West 13th Street, New York, NY 10014, USA.

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For further inquiry - please contact info@whitecolumns.org