White Columns

In our second White Room we are proud to present “The Early Show” a group exhibition curated by Elysia Borowy–Reeder, Scott Reeder, and Tyson Reeder. “The Early Show” will feature works made by established artists before they had any formal art education, or at a very, very early stage in their education, or careers. A cross-generational exhibition “The Early Show” seeks to privilege these nascent, often tentative creative gestures, whilst considering how such gestures might relate to, or depart from, these artists’ more ‘mature’ or better known work. Artists confirmed for “The Early Show” include:

Cory and Jamie Arcangel, David Aron, Brian Belott, Cecily Brown, Gavin Brown, Sara Clendening, Anne Collier, Santiago Cucullu, Peter Doig, Jim Drain, Hannah Fushihara, Mary Heilmann, Chris Johanson, Daniel Johnstone, Rachel Kushner, Frankie Martin, Donald Morgan, Rebecca Morris, JP Munro, Elizabeth Peyton, David Reed, Chris Smith, Francine Spiegel, Spencer Sweeney, Mungo Thomson, Lane Twitchell, and Megan Whitmarsh.

“The Early Show” will be accompanied by a special issue of White Columns’ in-house journal “The W.C.”

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