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Grant Levy-Lucero

White Columns is pleased to announce ‘Pedigree’ the Los Angeles-based artist Grant Levy-Lucero’s first solo exhibition in New York.

The exhibition comprises fifteen of Levy-Lucero’s signature ceramic ‘vessels’: self-consciously hand- built, oversized urn- or pitcher-like pots, each identified by the name of an immediately recognizable brand of dog food (e.g. ‘Pedigree’, ‘Gravy Train’, etc.) Each pot also features a portrait - or in some cases multiple portraits - of the rescue dogs that belong to Levy-Lucero’s extended circle of friends in Los Angeles (and beyond.) This idea of ‘community’, of friendships and relationships, and the complexity of the human-animal bond permeates throughout Levy-Lucero’s project. (A notion amplified in the exhibition by the presence of a portrait of Levy-Lucero and his dog Monkey by his friend, the Los Angeles-based artist, Henry Taylor.)

Displayed on a shelf and a stepped approximation of a winner’s podium - with its inevitable emphasis on the hierarchies of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place - Levy-Lucero’s pots might also be read as ‘trophies’ (of a kind). Employing humor aligned with vernacular aesthetics Levy-Lucero’s work is perhaps best characterized by its accessibility. Yet appearances can be deceptive. Indeed the exhibition as a whole, with its arch, even sardonic title ‘Pedigree’, and all that that stands for, might be understood as a gently subversive yet pointed critique of the competitive ‘dog eat dog’ nature of both the art world and the Westminster Dog Show: where the aspiration to become the “best in show” (sadly) still prevails.

As a part of the exhibition a percentage of proceeds from sales will be donated to the North Shore Animal League America, a leader in the ‘No Kill Movement’, who since 1944 have saved the lives of more than one million dogs and cats. Their mission is to: “Rescue. Nurture. Adopt. Educate.” To learn more about their vital work visit: www.animalleague.org 

Grant Levy-Lucero (b.1981, Los Angeles) has had solo exhibitions at VNH, Paris (2018); Night Gallery, Los Angeles (2017); and at Henry Taylor’s, Los Angeles (2016.) He recently created a capsule clothing collection for the Stockholm-based Acne Studios. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles.
A work by Grant Levy-Lucero is also on view in ‘Niece Cousin Kin Look How Long It’s Been’, Henry Taylor’s concurrent exhibition at Blum & Poe New York. September 24 – November 2. www.blumandpoe.com

White Columns would like to thank everyone at Night Gallery, Los Angeles for their enthusiasm and support in bringing Grant’s work to New York.

For further information, contact: info@whitecolumns.org

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