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White Room Willa Nasatir

White Columns is proud to present the first solo exhibition by the New York-based artist Willa Nasatir. Her exhibition comprises a group of six recent photographic works.
Writing about Nasatir’s process writer Alex Fitzgerald has said:
“In six new photographs, Willa Nasatir deceives the medium. The images’ surfaces are uneasy, registering simultaneously as legible, photographic effects and indiscernible after-images. Space itself is conflated between the images' physical construction, and that of their depicted elements. At their core, Nasatir’s photographs are the product of being handled. In past works, this process had involved physical interventions on the image's surface - prints were burned, sanded, degraded, or frozen. In new works, Nasatir instead manipulates and refracts light, both in her studio and outdoors, to create pools of color that lean towards the natural world. Through these casts of light, objects bearing the accumulated traces of touch begin to emerge. Improvised sculptures play as recognizable props, pieced together possessions and body parts articulate decided pairings; hard finds itself with soft, and the figure materializes itself from unlikely sources. These two effects – the seductive qualities of finish and the considered, yet makeshift construction of props, are collapsed in a single image, allowing for a treatment that imbues both with an emotive charge, as well as access to another method of shaping meaning and desire.” – Alex Fitzgerald, 2015.
Willa Nasatir is a New York-based artist who studied at Cooper Union (2008-2012). Selected group exhibitions include: ‘Close To The Skin’ (2015), curated by Lumi Tan, Company Gallery, New York:  ‘Joshing in the Watershed’ (2015), curated by Alex Chaves, Del Vaz Projects, Los Angeles; and ‘FALSE SCENT’ (2014), curated by Holly Stanton and Sean Keenan, 321 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, among others.
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