White Columns

White Room: '#FFFF (Five Fragments For Feature)' – An installation by Sam Gordon

White Columns is proud to present ‘#FFFF (Five Fragments For Feature)’, 2015, an installation by the new York-based artist Sam Gordon. The exhibition considers the ongoing legacy of Hudson (1950-2014) the founder of the legendary gallery Feature Inc.

The installation comprises five discrete but related elements:

1. A set of painted wooden stairs designed by Roy McMakin and originally commissioned by Hudson and installed at the 25th Street location of Feature Inc. where they were subsequently used by Gordon as ‘bleachers’ for a film presentation he made at the Chelsea gallery.

2. A fragment of sheetrock featuring silver leaf chains by Sam Gordon, John Torreano’s drawing, and a hand-written text in red by Hudson. The text reads: "What are you doing? Nothing Special. / How are you doing this morning John? / I'm doing fine. What are you doing? / I'm not doing anything special either." (When Feature Inc. was about to relocate from Chelsea to the Bowery, Hudson invited gallery artists to work directly onto the 25th Street gallery’s walls.)

3. A sheet of found glass signage inscribed with the word ‘WORLD” that was removed during the gut-renovation of the short-lived Bowery incarnation of Feature Inc.

4. Incense occasionally burning in the gallery.

5. Music playing from Hudson’s iPod in ‘shuffle’ mode accompanied by a Xerox publication ‘Hudson’s iPod’ listing all of the tracks and artists. 

Sam Gordon is a New York-based artist whose work was represented by Feature Inc. where he had solo exhibitions in 1997, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2007, and 2012. He has exhibited his work internationally since 1997 including recent collaborative projects with Eve Fowler and Cheryl Donegan among others.

A closing event will be held on July 23-25 when Katherine Bernhardt and Youssef Jdia will present a pop-up souk of ‘Magic Flying Carpets of the Berber Kingdom of Morocco.’ See separate announcement for full details.

White Columns would like to thank Sam Gordon for his enthusiasm in realizing ‘#FFFF (Five Fragments For Feature)’ at White Columns. We would also like to extend our sincere thanks to Hudson’s family and the entire Feature Inc. family for their support.

The Xerox publication ‘Hudson’s iPod’ can be purchased from the gallery priced at $10, or ordered via mail for $15 including shipping (USA) or $20 (worldwide.)

For more information: info@whitecolumns.org