White Columns

Project: 'Jack & Kate' – Dan Ochiva

White Columns is proud to present in our Project space a rare screening of Dan Ochiva’s c.1982/2005 film ‘Jack & Kate’ starring Jack Smith and Kate Manheim. Filmed in the early 1980s (Ochiva thinks most likely 1982) the film’s two roles are played by Jack Smith and Kate Manheim. In the film Manheim is wearing the same wedding dress she wore in her partner Richard Foreman’s 1981 feature film ‘Strong Medicine’ for which she played the lead role of Rhoda. Ochiva was told that Kate and Jack hadn’t met before, and with no script or plan, they simply started to interact. ‘Jack & Kate’ was shot in Richard and Kate’s SoHo loft, where a screen painted by Mel Andringa for "Strong Medicine" can frequently be seen as a backdrop to the action.

Ochiva used two rolls of Kodak 16mm Tri-X black-and-white film, and the film is presented exactly as shot in camera, without any subsequent editing. Ochiva spliced the two reels together in 2005, adding only the found audio track and the blue overlay.

This presentation of ‘Jack & Kate’ runs in parallel to the exhibition of Kate Manheim’s work in our main gallery space.

White Columns would like to thank Dan Ochiva, Kate Manheim and Elka Krajewska for their enthusiastic support in presenting ‘Jack & Kate’ at White Columns.

Dan Ochiva lives in New York, where he works as a journalist covering the film and television industries.

For more information: info@whitecolumns.org