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White Columns is pleased to present the first gallery exhibition by New York jewelry designers FAUX/real. For their presentation, “Elegant Paranoia," the designers bring together a selection of wearable items from their past collections, which have been discretely placed along side large sculptural works and found objects.

Founded in 2009 by Louis DeCicco and Mari Ouchi, FAUX/real have become known for their unconventional approach to materials and presentation, and their practice has expanded into home goods and collaborations with fashion designers and artists such as Anne Sophie Back and Matt Keegan. In their own words, FUAX/real  "walks the line between a number of creative fields - not fitting into one category, and eagerly accepted into many; celebrating freedom through ambiguity.” Ultimately FAUX/real do not consider themselves artists or designers, rather “object makers” - the purpose of those objects, “not yet realized, and for the time being they exist and are sold as jewelry.”

From their Brooklyn studio the duo produces all of their lines in house and masterfully employs low-fi, low budget means to create most of FAUX/real’s press and marketing material. Humor being an important component of their work, lines are developed around mundane themes like “Subconscious SUPERMARKET”, and “neverbeentothebeach”. “It’s a broad approach to beauty found in the implication and surreal juxtaposition rather than in the pretty or precious, prompting a reconsideration of aesthetics not only for jewelry but also for practical industrial design and it’s sometimes unglamorous intentions.” (Jeremy Lewis)

On the occasion of the exhibition FAUX/real will produce a new limited edition piece for White Columns. Please email info@whitecolumns.org for details.

FAUX/real has been organized by Erin Somerville, White Columns’ Deputy Director and Curator.
For more information contact: info@whitecolumns.org

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