White Columns

Patrick Berran

White Columns is pleased to present a solo exhibition by the New York-based artist Patrick Berran. Berran creates dense, claustrophobic paintings on gesso covered, wooden supports. His exhibition comprises a group of paintings made over the past year including his first large scale works. Berran’s process is accumulative, his works evolving from subsequent, and often discordant, layers or ‘screens’ of visual information, each created using distinct methods of application including painting, printing and transfer techniques. Developed from informal studies made in sketchbooks, or based on collages that incorporate photocopy processes, Berran’s resulting works are akin to a form of visual entropy or aesthetic ‘interference.’ His static-like works privilege instability, suggesting uncertainty and flux. (Patrick Berran received his MFA from Hunter College in 2006. He will have work in an exhibition at Jack Hanley Gallery, New York this summer. He had solo exhibitions at Brooklyn’s South First and Weekend Projects galleries in 2013. White Columns presented Berran’s work at NADA, Miami in 2013 and at the INDEPENDENT, New York in 2014.)

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