White Columns

The Cat Show

Curated by Rhonda Lieberman

‘Cats-in-Residence’ all find Purr-manent Residences thanks to The Cat Show at White Columns!
‘Highbrow Brilliant’, New York Magazine, The Approval Matrix

“Ladies and Gentleman, cats and kitties, I give you a show that deserves to travel to every small museum and university gallery in the country: The Cat Show at White Columns; brilliantly curated by excellent writer Rhonda Lieberman. Go. See. Purr. Pine.”  Jerry Saltz
Due to the overwhelming success of ‘The Cats-in-Residence Program’ adoptions will be extended to every Friday and Saturday for the duration of the show, excluding July 4 weekend.
The Cat Show celebrates cats of all shapes, sizes and subjectivities with cat-alytic work by over 50 artists.  Conceived and organized by Rhonda Lieberman, the centerpiece is 'The Cats-in-Residence Program’ where adoptable purr-formers, a.k.a. cats, from Social Tees Animal Rescue, lounge on feline fine art and run amok in a pussy playground designed by architects Gia Wolff and Freecell and hopefully find forever homes.
Samantha Brody of Social Tees said, “The cats were having the time of their lives -- the artist-designed enclosure is like a jungle gym/spa for kitties. And the visitors (especially those who went inside the enclosure!) were just as overjoyed as the cats. It was awesome to see so many faces light up.”
Adoption events occur during gallery hours of 12-6pm on the following days:
June 21 – 22
June 28 – 29
July 12 – 13
July 19 – 20
Come to White Columns to enjoy the purr-formance and add a kitty to your collection.
Participating artists/contributors include:


Participating artists/contributors include:

Michele Abeles, Rita Ackermann, Antonio Adams, Bill Adams, Laura Aldridge, Graham Anderson, Araki, Cory Arcangel, Atelier E.B. (Lucy McKenzie, Beca Lipscombe, Marc Camille Chaimowicz), Michel Auder, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Matthew Barney, Will Benedict, Olaf Breuning, Janet Burchill, Kathe Burkhart, Carter, Antoine Catala, David Colman, Ann Craven, Cynthia Daignault, Lucky DeBellevue, Jake Ewert, Bella Foster, Magdalena Frimkess, Jeff Funnell, Rainer Ganahl, Paul Georges, Eric Ginsburg, Karin Gulbran, Tamar Halpern, Michelle Handelman, June Hamper, Michelle Handelman, Daniel Heidkamp, Robert Heinecken, John Hiltunen, Ann Cathrin November Hoibo, Jonathan Horowitz, Marc Hundley, Gary Indiana, Jane Kaplowitz, Nina Katchadourian, Matt Keegan, Mike Kelley, Wayne Koestenbaum, Barbara Kruger, Ella Kruglyanskaya, Sadie Laska, Elad Lassry, Mark Leckey, Cary Leibowitz, Rhonda Lieberman, Cassandra MacLeod, Alissa McKendrick, Ryan McNamara, Matthias Merkel-Hess, Siobhan Meow, Marilyn Minter, Dave Muller, Takeshi Murata, Eileen Neff, Laura Owens, Elizabeth Peyton, Richard Prince, Rob Pruitt, Eileen Quinlan, , T. Cole Rachel, Jennifer Rochlin, Sam Roeck, Ruth Root, Kay Rosen, Jason Rosenberg, Theo Rosenblum and Chelsea Seltzer, Gus Van Sant, Joe Scanlan, Steven Shearer, David Shrigley, Patti Smith, Frances Stark, Amy Taubin, Nicola Tyson, Andy Warhol, Jordan Wolfson, B. Wurtz, Rob Wynne, and Freecell with Gia Wolff.

For more information about this project contact: info@whitecolumns.org or visit http://whitecolumns.org and http://twitter.com/catsinresidence.
*Social Tees Animal Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit that, every year, takes over 3000 at-risk animals from kill shelters, gives them veterinary care and finds them loving homes.  Founded in 1991.  Social Tees rescue, rehabilitates and places over 3,000 dogs, cats, birds and exotics per year. http://animalrescuenyc.org


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Installation view

Installation view

Installation view

Installation view

Installation view

Installation view

Installation view

Installation view

Adoptable cats!