White Columns

The Bulletin Board The Sound of White Columns

In our lobby project space The Bulletin Board we are proud to present the first five releases from White Columns’ record label The Sound of White Columns (TSoWC). Working with artists and musicians who operate on the threshold of the music and art worlds TSoWC continues the organization’s longstanding collaborations with artist-musicians that has included such seminal events as 1981’s ‘Noise Fest’ (organized by Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore); Barbara Ess and Kim Gordon’s 1981 curated exhibition of artworks by artist-musicians, and 1983’s ‘Speed Trials’ concert series, amongst many others. The releases to date are by the Bay Area group Tussle, who we commissioned to write a song called “White Columns”, the British artist/musicians Martin Creed and Billy Childish, and a collaboration between Ikue Mori and Julianna Barwick, which was recorded live in the gallery. Our sixth release, by Malcolm Mooney, will be launched in May 2012. Select releases can be purchased from the gallery.

For more information please contact info@whitecolumns.org

Installation view of Bulletin Board: The Sound of White Columns