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Project Stewart Home - Organized in collaboration with Book Works, London as a part of ‘Again, A Time Machine’

White Columns is proud to present, in our three project spaces, the first survey in the United States of the work of the British artist, writer, and performer Stewart Home.

From his earliest work Stewart Home has expressed an avant-gardist desire to write himself into the archive of culture. Mixing myth and polemic, with plagiarism and a savage ideological critique, the parodic manifestoes of Generation Positive progressed into the self-historicizing magazine Smile, the Neoists, and finally The Art Strike - an aggressive appropriation of Gustav Metzger's strike proposal. Home's return to an anti-art practice saw the publication of a rash of polymorphous perversities, including Red London and Defiant Pose, exhibitions in London at City Racing, workfortheeyetodo, and Imprint 93, as well as ongoing performance, prank and film work. His cultural output now forms a significant archive of counter-cultural activities, not only written into the archive of culture, but networked across it, in a practice which seamlessly moves between unearthing unknown radical histories such as Black Mask – Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers, re-workings of Lettrist Cinema, and writing projects, such as Book Works' recent Semina series.

Presented as part of Book Works’ ongoing and evolving project ‘Again, A Time Machine’ this is the first US retrospective of Home’s work and features a selection of artwork, including Art Strike Bed, Vermeer II and Becoming (M)other, publications and ephemera and a live performance with Kenneth Goldsmith. For White Columns Home has produced ‘Stewart Home Says I Can't Show You My Nude Pictures Here! If You Wanna See Some Then Take A Good Look Through My Flickr Profile!’ the 37th edition of White Columns occasional ‘zine ‘The W.C.’ – which is available to purchase from the gallery.

Event: Stewart Home and Kenneth Goldsmith performance
Saturday 22 October, 6.30pm at White Columns

‘Again, A Time Machine’ is supported by Arts Council England Grants for the Arts; The Henry Moore Foundation; Mark Pawson

For more information please contact the gallery at info@whitecolumns.org

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Cover of SMILE
Stewart Home archive
Image courtesy of Book Works, London

Installation view

Installation view

Installation view

Installation view