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The Bulletin Board ‘Fluffers’ - Mark and Stephen Beasley

White Columns is proud to present in our Bulletin Board space FLUFFERS II, a project by Mark and Stephen Beasley inspired by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt’s Oblique Strategies (1975).

Created by musician Brian Eno and artist Peter Schmidt in 1975, the Oblique Strategies are a deck of around 100 cards, on each of which is printed an aphorism. They are intended as an aid to solving creative problems: each suggests an approach which might run counter to normal intuition, but which over time could lead to a more interesting solution. The cards provide a way out of linear, result-based thinking. They simulate the activity of a relaxed mind by forcing the problem solver to attack the problem from unconventional angles. There is no prescription as to the way in which the owner should use them: shuffle them, cut them, follow them, or ignore them.

FLUFFERS II, consists of aphorisms suggested by invited figures from the fields of art,
architecture, and music, and are intended as both a problem–solving aid and also as a snapshot of
the respective artists’ working methods. The first set of FLUFFERS, arranged by FlatPack001 (Mark and Stephen Beasley) and Robert Johnston, appeared more than ten years ago in 1999.

Contributors to FLUFFERS II (in no particular order):

Brian O’Connell, Scott Reeder, Alexandre Singh, Pierre Bismuth, Julian Myers, Darren Bader, Jill Magid, Rose Kallal, Frances Stark, Nick Relph, Sina Najafi, Ryan Gander, Malcolm McLaren, AA Bronson, Maria Fusco, K8 Hardy, Jonathan Monk, Tirdad Zolghadr, Nicholas Bullen, Nathaniel Mellors, Mark Titchner, Matthew Higgs, John Russell, Adam Pendleton, Russell Oxley, Dan Fox, Mel Jackson, Jeremy Till, Celine Condorelli, Alex Waterman, Dan Kidner, Dexter Sinister, Mark Beasley, Stephen Beasley.

Contributors to the original FLUFFERS (in no particular order):

Carey Young, Stephen Beasley, Julian Lewis (East), Graham Fagen, Kirsty Ogg, Nigel Prince, Tim Hutchinson, Gavin Wade, Charlotte Cullinan & Jeanine Richards, Dean Hughes, Dave Beech, Hannah Vowles & Glyn Banks (Art in Ruins), Lucy McKenzie, Matthew Higgs, Kevin Frances Gray, Robert Johnston, Alex de Rijke (dRMM), Anne-Marie Copestake, Jim Lambie, Mark Beasley.

Mark Beasley is a curator and writer based in New York.
Stephen Beasley is an architect and writer based in London.

For more information call 212-924-4212 or email to info@whitecolumns.org

Installation view

Installation detail