White Columns

Project 38th Street Publishers

White Columns is pleased to present a display of recent publications from ‘38th Street Publishers’.

Founded is 2008 by the New York-based artist Josh Smith and his friend Todd Amicon ‘38th Street Publishers’ is an idiosyncratic press with the simple goal of “publishing great books at an affordable price.”

To date ‘38th Street Publishers’ has published more than twenty titles, collaborating with artists and writers including Richard Hell, Sophie von Hellerman, Keir Cooke Sandvik, Veronica Blaha, Michael St. John, Terry Winters, Seth Price, Wade Guyton, Kelley Walker, and Josh Smith himself.

The books are presented alongside a group of Josh Smith’s barstools, which visitors are encouraged to use whilst reading and/or looking at the books.
To find out more and to order titles online visit: www.38street.com