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White Columns’ is pleased to present a solo exhibition of recent work by the New York-based artist Noam Rappaport.

Employing modest and commonplace materials, and working at the intersections of painting, sculpture, installation and drawing Noam Rappaport's works are simultaneously pragmatic and poetic.

Rappaport works concurrently on discrete, but related, series of works, including free-standing and wall-based sculptural works that incorporate painter’s stretcher bars and light sources; quasi-architectural, biomorphic low-relief works on canvas; hybrid ‘open frame’ objects that operate simultaneously as both paintings and sculptures; conventionally painted works on unevenly contoured and shaped canvases; and assemblage-like works where Rappaport’s persistent investigations into drawing and collage collide.

Approaching formalism from a decidedly informal perspective Rappaport's works invoke the modus operandi of maverick post-minimalist artists such as B. Wurtz, Richard Tuttle and the late-Al Taylor, whose practices, like Rappaport's, are deeply rooted in an engagement and entanglement with everyday life.

Despite their often disarmingly casual presence Rappaport’s works display an assured precision and clarity of both thinking and making. This tension – between the work’s precarious physical presence and its considered psychological resonance – underscores both the work’s hybrid identity and its elusive status.

Noam Rappaport lives and works in New York. Previous exhibitions include Galerie Steinek, Vienna, Austria, 2009 (two-person show with B. Wurtz); ATM, New York, 2008. Group shows include: “Us and Them”, MRFA Projects, New York, 2010; “If The Dogs Are Barking”, Artists Space, New York, 2009; “Ragged”, Kate MacGarry Gallery, London, 2006; and “Greater Brooklyn”, CRG, New York, 2005.

For more information or images, please contact info@whitecolumns.org or call 212 924 4212.

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Noam Rappaport - Artforum - September 2010

Installation view

Installation view

Installation view

Installation view

Noam Rappaport
Untitled, 2009
Wood, canvas, oil, glue and latex on panel
28 x 23 x 3 in.
Courtesy of the artist