White Columns

Project Room Grace Schwindt

White Columns is pleased to present the first New York solo exhibition by the London-based artist Grace Schwindt.

For her exhibition in White Columns’ project space she will present two recent video works: ‘Meeting Florchen Gordon’ and ‘The Chair’.

Grace Schwindt uses the moving image to investigate and interrogate the construction of history and the systems involved in the production of knowledge.

The notion of ‘witness’ and the creation of memories - and realities - through written and spoken language, as well as silence, are central to her works. Schwindt questions claims of authorship and identity to both reflect upon and critique history.

In the video works on view, stories told by her immediate family members serve as a departure point to explore how people both create and deal with history.

Schwindt’s works ultimately express a desire to be in touch with history as a means to understand the present.

Schwindt has produced a new issue of White Columns’ occasional publication ‘The W.C.’ that accompanies her exhibition.

Grace Schwindt (b. 1979) received an MA in Fine Art in 2008 from the Slade School, London, and a BA in Photography in 2005 from the University of Westminster, London.
Since 2005 her works have been included in exhibitions, screenings and festivals internationally. Her work was included in the ‘EAST International’ exhibition, Norwich Gallery, Norwich, UK (2009) – selected by Art & Language and Raster Gallery.

Still view, Meeting Florchen Gordon

Still view, The Chair