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Other People's Projects 2nd Cannons Publications

In our Project space – as part of our ongoing ‘Other Peoples Projects’ series - we are proud to present recent books and editions published by 2nd Cannons Publications, the innovative Los Angeles-based press founded in 2005 by the artist Brian Kennon. The display consists of all books and editions published to date (2005-2009), including two earlier publications by Kennon that precede his inauguration of 2nd Cannons Publications. For more information visit: www.2ndcannons.com

Books by: Brian Kennon, Natascha Sofia Snellman, Bruce Hainley, Ami Tallman, Meg Cranston, Julie Lequin, William E. Jones, Darren Bader, Jan Tumlir and Brian Kennon, Flora Wiegmann and Drew Heitzler, Darren Bader, Brian Kennon and Chris Lipomi, Brendan Fowler, and David Horovitz.

Editions by: Doug Skinner and Michael Smith, Brendan Fowler, Sayre Gomez, Jim Skuldt, Brian Kennon, Darren Bader, David Horvitz, Lisa Williamson, Matthew Chambers, Bobbi Woods, and Michael Smith.

To coincide with this presentation Brian Kennon has made a new issue of White Columns’ ‘zine ‘The W.C.’ entitled ‘2nd Cannons Publications: Complete Books 2005 – 2009’, which is available from the gallery priced $2.00. Books and Editions from 2nd Cannons Publications can be purchased from White Columns, Printed Matter, or directly from the 2nd Cannons Publications website.

Installation view - editions

Installation view - books