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White Room Jennifer Cohen

A former George Balanchine-schooled dancer, Jennifer Cohen’s sculptural works and drawings explore the theatrical possibilities of formal, organic and chemical processes. In a number of recent works Cohen has explored archetypal motifs derived from Balanchine’s ballets – including the mythical phoenix – and the figure of the harlequin, which forms the basis of a number of the works in her White Room exhibition. Derived from the Comedia del Arte, character the harlequin acts as a charming but malevolent social catalyst. Cohen’s works – which often include an active chemical element – suggest a primitive form of alchemy, of the potential for transformation, and hark back to – in the words of the artist – “an era when metamorphosis, myth, nature and mark-making all belonged in the same social arena. In this spirit, my work follows the logic of a loose allegorical experiment.”

Jennifer Cohen lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Her work has been included in group shows at Lombard-Fried Fine Arts, New York; Ingalls & Associates, Miami (both 2004); and Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York (2000). Her work can currently be seen in the Public Art Fund exhibition Semiprecious at the MetroTech Center in Brooklyn (through August 31, 2005). Her work was included in the publications ‘Into the Abyss’ (2003), and Charley, Issue #1 (2002). This is her first solo show in New York. Cohen received an MFA from Yale University School of Art in 2000.

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