White Columns

The Bulletin Board Josh Shaddock

The third installation for White Columns’ new project space The Bulletin Board – a 6’ x 4’ glazed aluminum bulletin board installed in our entrance lobby - is by the New York-based artist Josh Shaddock. Working in the tradition of conceptual art, Shaddock’s work engages with language, everyday phenomena and quotidian objects. Shaddock’s project for The Bulletin Board takes the form of a printed text (a joke) that, through its placement, cannot be read in its entirety (i.e. you miss out on the punch line). Playing off the often “incomplete” nature of art as a form of communication, Shaddock’s piece slyly articulates the sense of frustration we have (probably) all felt at some time when confronted by a puzzling art work.

Josh Shaddock lives and works in New York. He is currently an MFA candidate at the School of Visual Arts, New York. Earlier this year he represented White Columns at ‘Parker’s International Art Market (I Am 5)’ at Parker’s Box in Brooklyn.

The Bulletin Board series is generously supported by Corrie Sandelman.