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The Bulletin Board White Columns Poetry Project #2: Malcolm Mooney

The fourteenth presentation in White Columns’ project space The Bulletin Board – a 6’ x 4’ glazed aluminum bulletin board installed in our entrance lobby – continues our new exhibition series: the ‘White Columns’ Poetry Project’, whereby we will present the work of living poets. The ‘Poetry Project’ seeks – in an informal manner – to consider the ongoing entanglements between the visual art and poetry worlds. The second presentation is by the Boston-based artist, musician, and poet Malcolm Mooney and consists of two recent illustrated poems: “To Love and to Life; and to Loves of My Life” (2006) & “And then there is Music” (2005.)
Malcolm Mooney is one of the most celebrated figures in contemporary music circles. He was the original vocalist with the seminal late-1960s/1970s German rock band CAN. Speaking of Mooney’s contribution to Can’s development founding-member Holger Czukay has said: “Can wasn’t sure which way to go musically until Malcolm Mooney jumped up to the microphone one day and pushed us into A RHYTHM.” Can’s rhythmical legacy can be traced through virtually all subsequent developments in contemporary music (and beyond), from post-punk experimentation of the late 1970s to today’s post-disco scenes. Mooney’s recordings with Can remain among the most influential of the past forty years. Mooney appears on Can’s first two albums ‘Monster Movie’ (1969) and ‘Soundtracks’ (1970). He left the band in 1970, returning to the United States to focus on his own artistic development. In 1986 Mooney rejoined Can to record the reunion album ‘Rite Time.’ Since then Mooney has continued to make art, write, and work on musical projects including 1998’s ‘Malcolm Mooney & The Tenth Planet,’ amongst others.
Malcolm Mooney has exhibited his art work extensively over the past twenty years. He received an MFA from California State University in 1987, and a BFA from Boston University’s School of Fine Arts and Applied Arts in 1979. For extensive biographical information visit: www.spoonrecords.com/malcolm.html
The Bulletin Board series is generously supported by Corrie Sandelman.

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