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Project Michael Patterson-Carver — introduced by Harrell Fletcher

White Columns is proud to present the first solo exhibition by Michael Patterson-Carver.

In White Columns’ project space we will present an exhibition of recent ‘protest’ drawings by the Portland, Oregon-based artist Michael Patterson-Carver. The exhibition is introduced by the Portland-based artist Harrell Fletcher who first encountered Patterson-Carver’s works being displayed and sold on the street outside a Portland-area grocery store. Michael Patterson-Carver is currently homeless - his extraordinary drawings depict relentlessly optimistic protesters engaged in both historical and contemporary protests. Drawn in a disarming cartoon-like manner Patterson-Carver’s protesters are invariably depicted smiling, because – in the words of the artist – they are “very sure of the success of their protests.”

Harrell Fletcher’s introduction to the exhibition – a text which is available from the gallery - chronicles his initial encounter and ongoing conversations with Michael, and explains the circumstances of how the works came to be presented at White Columns and introduced to wider audiences. Michael Patterson-Carver is currently homeless, he lives and works in the Portland, Oregon area.

White Columns would like to thank Michael Patterson-Carver and Harrell Fletcher for their assistance with this project.

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