White Columns

The Bulletin Board Jack Too Jack

The ninth installation for White Columns’ project space The Bulletin Board – a 6’ x 4’ glazed aluminum bulletin board installed in our entrance lobby – is a display by the British group Jack Too Jack. The presentation will coincide with Steven Claydon’s White Room exhibition “Courtesy of the neighborhood watch.” Claydon (Add N to X), along with Ed LaLiq, Mark Leckey (donAtella), and Kieron Livingstone (All New Accelerators,) are the four members of Jack Too Jack. On their ‘My Space’ page www.myspace.com/jacktoojack the band are described as: “... a group of men,” who “... came together two years ago and are growing. They have performed in Cinemas and Stockrooms all over the world. They inhabit a nascent world between the Art World and the Music Industry. They were pieced together by the 20th century and its countercultural ambitions but now they find themselves walking amongst its ghosts. They were formed to find an adequate response to this problem.” Citing their influences as “Ol Dirty Bastard, the last great Soul singer, and Mark E. Smith the last great White” Jack Too Jack have released music with Cabinet Records, London, and Brown Sound, New York. You can download songs directly from their My Space page.

Jack Too Jack
Bulletin Board
Installation view